Saturday, September 29, 2012

An angry Facebook status from Todd earlier this week informed me that Resident Evil 6 had broken its street date by 2 days and he was receiving text messages and status updates from friends who had just picked up the game at their local store and where heading home to play it while Todd had to finish another 7 hours of work. 

To make matters worse Todd had booked a few days off work to play the game on its actual release date, and would now have to find time to buy it as soon as he could in an effort to avoid spoilers and feel like he was part of the R.E crew buying the game on the same day. 

For me personally this is something that infuriates me to no end. I think it could be due to the fact that the big games for me NEVER seem to break street date and I have to wait, while fans of other franchises seem to break a few days before. 

In another case my best friend pre-ordered Batman : Arkham City last year and found ourselves browsing the stores three day before its release, to find it on the shelves. Upon purchasing the attendant told us not to redeem the Catwoman DLC till the actual release date as it wouldn't work. 

For fans who buy their games from online stores it is also an issue. Looking at the release date for Resident Evil 6 on the Playstation Store is October 2nd, but stores started selling it on September 26th. This isn't a case of a couple of days, this is a case of just under a week before the release date! 

Why should you care I ask? Being in Australia we are a tiny percent of the gaming world as a while (some 3-5%) and if this continues distributors may end up shipping games out the day before the actual release or in some cases the day of, which will hurt us by not being able to pick up our games on the actual release date, not before, not after, but as it should be. 

While we won't name and shame the particular stores that do this, we would just like to put it out there, no matter how tempting, now matter how demanding some customers can be, keep to the street date to make it fair for everyone and keep the gaming industry going. 

Shade thrown by Arrow.


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